Restoration of Voting Rights

State of Wyoming Board of Parole
Restoration of Voting Rights to Non-Violent Offenders

Note: Pursuant to W.S. 7-13-105, the Board of Parole may only restore voting rights
to individuals meeting the following criteria:

  • Convicted felons;
  • Only one felony conviction (or more than one felony arising out of the same occurrence or course of events);
  • The felony(s) must NOT have been VIOLENT as defined by W.S. 6-1-104 (a)(xii)*
  • Have completed their sentences more than five (5) years ago;

Individuals may apply by completing an application form and agreeing to a criminal history records check. Applications can be obtained from the Wyoming Board of Parole. All applications are to be submitted to the Wyoming Board of Parole at:

Wyoming Board of Parole
3120 Old Faithful Road, Suite 300
Cheyenne, WY 82002

If you have any questions regarding your submission, or the Restoration of Voting Rights process, please contact the Board of Parole at (307) 777-5444.

* VIOLENT CRIMES include murder, manslaughter, kidnapping, sexual assault in the first or second degree, robbery, aggravated assault, aircraft hijacking, arson in the first or second degree, aggravated burglary, sexual abuse of a minor in the first or second degree if an actor sixteen (16) years or older committed sexual intrusion on a victim less than thirteen (13) years of age.