Wyoming Secretary of State

2010 Ongoing Committees
Primary Election Financial Disclosure Summaries

Office Sought
Committee Name (Candidate Name / Party) Committee Report
Governor Macneil for Governor (D. James Perrott Macneil/R)

Governor Folks for Freudenthal Committee (Dave Freudenthal/D)

Senate District 4 Ken Tuma for Wyoming Legislature Committee (Ken Tuma/D)

Senate District 24 The Committee to Eect Michael Von Flatern (Michael Von Flatern/R)

Senate District 26 Bebout for Senate Committee (Eli D. Bebout/R)

Senate District 28 Kit for Senate District 28 (Kit Jennings/R)

House District 16 Friends of Pete (Pete Jorgensen/D)

House District 22 Committee to Re-Elect Monte Olsen (Monte Olsen/R)

House District 24 Colin Simpson for House District #24 Committee (Colin M. Simpson/R)

House District 43 Barbre for House Committee (Terry Barbre/D)